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I Said "Yes"! What's Next?/FAQ

So you found the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. What do you do next? You gotta find an artist that is going to bring your dream wedding to life! What should/shouldn't I do? Why should I hire a professional? Here are some tips that can make your trial or wedding day a seamless one. Plus, your artist would probably appreciate you taking these steps that will make their job a little easier.

This is also a good reference point for any questions you might have about your upcoming trial or questions you might have for your artist.

Why hire a professional makeup artist or hairstylist for my wedding?

I have gone through training to ensure your makeup will last the whole day/night and how to apply makeup for various types of lighting. Hiring an artist will help you customize a look that is tailored to your specific face or hair. You have been dreaming about this day for some time now; wouldn't you want that dream to come to life? You look for that perfect photographer to capture your day; your makeup and hair should be the best. The photos last a lifetime! Besides, who doesn't like to be pampered on their big day?

What is a trial and why do I need to have one?

The trial is where we meet and begin the process of customizing a look for your wedding day! Makeup is personal to each person so I require a trial for brides before booking for the day of the wedding. This is where we start our collaboration on what will look best for you. Nothing is scarier than showing up the day of the wedding not knowing what the bride looks like or even what she wants. You don't have time on the wedding day to spend on what could have been addressed at the trial. We can discuss your color scheme, wedding theme, bridesmaid dresses, etc. Please share any pictures you have that will help me get a better idea of what you are looking. Keep in mind that the photos you find on Instagram or Pinterest might be heavily filtered or photoshopped. Once we have decided on a look that is tailored to you specifically, we can decide on what you would like for the bridal party. Discussing before the wedding day about bridal party looks will allow for the wedding day to run smoother and will ensure everybody's look is cohesive with everything else.

Please make any known allergies known before makeup application.

Washing hair day before VS "dirty hair"

I'm not quite sure where the "dirty hair" tip came from but for me, I personally prefer to have clean hair to work on. It's best to wash your hair the night before as you normally do and have it dry completely. Showing up the day of your trial or wedding with wet hair will cause delay since the artist will have to blow dry your hair for you or have to wait until you are done drying it yourself. Also, do not add any oils or leave-in conditioners to your hair. The artist should be able to address your needs.

What kind of makeup products do you use in your kit? Can you use my personal makeup?

I use a variety of professional products that are made for all types of media. The products in my kit have been tried and true for photography. I made sure what I use will give the best outcome for your photos. With that being said, I cannot use personal makeup from clients as I cannot guarantee the final outcome from products I am not familiar with or tested. The only exception would be brand new unused lashes you provide if that is what you want.

I have been professionally trained to ensure I have the correct foundation shade and skin prep for every skin type! Proper sanitation procedures is practiced prior to and during every makeup application. By using only our products, we can ensure the safety of our clients and artists.

I want to get a facial before my big day. When should I do it?

If it is your first time getting a facial, I would personally recommend you getting a facial 2 months beforehand in case there are any allergic reactions. Exfoliating before never hurts (if needed)! Just make sure to do it about 1-2 weeks before.

Can I just get my eyes done?

I do not offer partial services such as eyes only or foundation only as this might take away from the overall aesthetic of everyone's looks. The only a la carte service I offer would be lash application for an additional fee. For a look to be whole, I do not touch up or do work or modification on other artist's work.

Do you travel?

Yes! I only do services on-site at the location of your choice. All I ask if you a clean workspace where I can set up and make some magic!

I have more questions that were not answered here!

Please feel free to send me an email at and I will try my best to answer your questions!

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